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Galvanised Iron

AtomX™ Galvanised Iron Primer/basecoat

A specially formulated 100% acrylic, styrene based primer containing anti-corrosive pigments, designed to act as a strong bond between the substrate and the AtomX™ Galvanised Iron Topcoat. Designed for maximum adhesion and weather durability under extreme conditions. For priming new and weathered galvanised steel surfaces and touching up bare areas on metal tiles or galvanised iron without fear of affecting the original roof coating.

AtomX™ Galvanised Iron Gloss Topcoat

A specially formulated coating for galvanised steel roofing materials. It is a high viscosity 100% pure acrylic based coating system incorporating fillers, extenders, fungicides and ceramic pigments for extended colour durability.

Properties: Designed and tested for maximum weather durability, for protection against U.V. light and the damage caused by weather and erosion. Designed to restrict organic growths.

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