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AtomX™ Long Life Protective Coating Systems for New Zealand conditions

How important is Protection for your home, building or roof from the harsh New Zealand climate?

The AtomX™ range of Long Life Protective Coating Systems will beautify, strengthen and provide unprecedented longevity.

AtomX™ is a range of long life, bonded polymer, highbuild coating systems that incorporate all the latest technologies including the use of fungal inhibitors to curb organic growth and ceramic pigments to prevent U.V. damage and fade. AtomX™ also has a unique Teflon self cleaning system providing unprecedented low maintenance longevity.

When applied by a licensed applicator in accordance with our specifications AtomX™ has a life expectancy of twenty five years.

AtomX™ products are environmentally friendly carrying the Ecoclean Technologies badge.

Ecoclean Technologies

The AtomX™ Difference

Anyone can paint a roof! Or a building! We all know that there are many paint brands and they all claim their points of difference. There are many generic base coats, key coats and top coats on the market, but some surfaces have special adhesion and protection needs.

Some environments are extremely harsh!

The AtomX™ range in conjunction with Promax Coating Systems addresses your objectives, which are often long life performance, Integrity, Beautification and added value backed up by superior customer service.

Every substrate is different. Whether it's steel with surface rust needing cleaned and rust treated prior to coating, or a concrete surface needing cleaned and prepared prior to sealing, the choice of coating is what will determine how successfully the surface will be protected and for how long that protection will last.

Many normal acrylic paint systems will fade, become porous, and start to crack and lift often within 8 Ė 10 years. If there were surface problems prior to coating, these problems will resurface again and shorten this durability even further.

Itís all in the Specifications

The AtomX™ range of coating systems are tested to be thicker (200 Ė 400 microns per coat depending on substrate), more U.V. resistant due to ceramic pigments and flexible enough to move with thermal expansion and contraction without cracking, lifting, peeling and delamination, preventing moisture and oxidisation from re-occurring below the surface coating.

AtomX™ Highbuild Protective Coating Systems are not just paint! They are Long Life Protective Coating Systems and have been specially developed for all types of concrete substrates.

Where concrete is in need of sealing against the elements to keep moisture out and stop efflorescence and deterioration we developed AtomX™ Concrete Basecoat, AtomX™ Highbuild Matte Topcoat and AtomX™ Concrete Sealer .

AtomX™ Elastomeric technologies were originally developed for Pressed Metal Tiles where stone chip loss and exposed galvanising has occurred, for this we developed our AtomX™ EC range including AtomX™ Elastotex Primer/Basecoat and AtomX™ Highbuild Topcoat.

Weathered Coil Coated roofing products like prepainted longrun roofing iron become chalky and fade over time and are given a new lease on life and lasting protection against weathering and rust with AtomX™ Steel Topcoat.

Galvanised steel products where galvanised coating has been sacrificed, oxidisation and rust is starting, will be brought back to life with AtomX™ Galvanised Iron Primer/Basecoat and AtomX™ Galvanised Iron Gloss topcoat.

AtomX™ Long Life Protective Coatings succeed where inexpensive silicon sprays and medium build acrylic paints will fail.

Special membranes and waterproofing systems are available for areas that canít easily be waterproofed.

AtomX™ provides an innovative solution for all substrates.